Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fur Frenzy!

So with the impending winter weather, December, and the holiday's looming, I decided to post a series of fur fashion (faux fur or costume fur, as Karl Lagerfeld prefers it, only). As winter draws near, layering and comfy sweaters becomes more in fashion (thank god the summers fashion of crop tops is done for a while). You may be wondering how to stay warm and still look quite fashionable. Solution? Fur. Fur is always big for winter, making it timeless really. The best thing is that fur accents are everywhere. On gloves, wrapped around your neck as a scarf or even on your shoes. Look out for upcoming Fur Frenzy posts!

*Funny fur fact- I was watching an interview (totally forgot who with) once of someone on David Letterman's show and apparently there was a rumour going around that his suits are fur lined because his studio is so cold! The rumor was false but I thought it was funny. And yes, it is ironic that I put a false rumour as a fur fact.

                                                                                                          -the brunette

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