Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beauty Buy: Eyelash Curler

Today I made a trip to Saks... seriously, what 18 year old girl actually goes to Saks? (more down below). Anyways, I was originally going to check out and buy a new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick (which I totally forgot about) and was browsing through the beautiful colours when the lovely assistant Paige comes to help. She directed me to a red lipstick I was also going to pick up for my mom and subsequently showed me the Chanel lash curler or Recourbe Cils de Chanel, if you will. I have seen this lash curler before and was in dire need of a new one so I thought if you're going to get a new one anyways why not get this one? So I purchased it and so far it is far superior to any other curler I have tried, just like Paige promised. I will report back within a week to corroborate my initial claims.

lash curler

Back on the subject of Saks, I absolutely love this store and have loved it even since I first walked through the across the grand department store, past all the scary employees on the way to Chanel when I was 13. Anyways, I feel like, if anything, more mature or middle-aged women shop here. Nordstroms is more of a younger vibe but Saks to me is more elegant and pristine in its own way. Not hating on Nordstroms... love that place also. Saks is just a whole lot more intimidating if it's your first time. So question of the week... what was it like for your first time in Saks or a luxury department store or just any department store?

                                                                                               -the brunette

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