Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Outfits!

Halloween is just around the corner and if you're like me, you don't dress up anymore. But if you still like the spirit of the holiday and want to show it, here are a couple outfits I styled based around Halloween.
halloween outfits

The first outfit to the left is more of an evening based look. It consists of an orange pedaled skirt and black tights, a black tank top and black ankle boots. This look is so simple it should be easy to replicate except for the orange skirt really. If you want you may even be able to get away with pairing the necklace in the second outfit with this look as well.

The second outfit, I had workwear in mind so I started out with a simple white long sleeved dress from Reiss and added brown boots and a handbag to go along with it. The Halloween twist to this outfit is the orange necklace. Jewelry is probably the safest way to go when planning a Halloween themed outfits... just don't go overboard!

The third and final outfit came about when I saw this MaxMara coat and it instantly reminded me of Breakfast at Tiffany's when Holly and Paul walk down Fifth Avenue on the way to Tiffany & Co and I knew I needed a hat for this look. Sadly, it doesn't feel quite as winter has set in yet so I resisted slapping a cossack hat up there and settled on this classic fedora that gives the whole look a sophisticated vibe. Of course you'll want to put some pants or a dress on underneath.

With all the outfits I assembled you will notice my method is to take the color orange and focus it on one article and isolate it from all the other colours. In this way,  it becomes the statement piece. You can do this with any bold color just try and keep all the other colours neutral within the ensemble. Hope you enjoyed! Also, will you be dressing up in costume or fancy dress for Halloween?
                                                                                         -the brunette

P.S. A November Inspiration Board will be posted within the next week- week and a half of fashion images, outfits and random bits that remind me of November. Also a beauty post up soon!

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