Friday, November 2, 2012

Fur Frenzy: Coats!

fur coat frenzy

Today's Fur Frenzy series post will focus on luxurious costume fur coats. From full on fur to maybe just a touch around the collars and neckline, fur can instantly make an everyday outfit look very swanky and sumptuous. There isn't really much to say about fur coats either but just marvel in the grand appearance of them and bask in the warmth when the temperatures go down. And as shown above, they range vastly from simple styles, like the Michael Kors pponcho and Rachel Zoe coat, to crazy prints like the Blumarine tweed coat and the gorgeous teal Meadham Kirchoff at the far upper right. Also, who doesn't live the unbelievably ritzy Maurizio Pecoraro numbers? Hope you enjoyed!
                             -the brunette

In this Post:

  • MICHAEL Michael Kors oversized knit sweater
  • $150 -

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