Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials

Here I have compiled a list of wardrobe staples every women should own and explain why they should own them and where to get them. I chose these pieces to mix and match within your wardrobe already so they are all incredibly versatile. Chances are you have maybe all one or two already! Enjoy!

     1. The Little Black Dress


A timeless and quintessential piece every woman should own and no matter how much it cost, it always looks posh. It comes in an array of styles, shapes, sizes, prices and brands. The great thing is just about every brand or designer do them. The LBD is as old as time itself yet always in fashion. Take a cue from Audrey who wore this dress numerous times. That just goes to show the LBD has out stood the test of time.

2. The Navy Blazer

navy blazers

The navy blazer can be so versatile. It can be sexy or professional. Understated or exaggerated. The navy blazer can be it all. It can be thrown over jeans and a white shirt and instantly your dowdy everyday outfit becomes elegant and stylish.

3. Dark Wash Trousers

dark wash jeans

A pair of dark wash jeans or trousers, if you will, are great for just everyday wear or going out at night. Not only do they look great, but they feel comfortable too and you never have to worry about pulling your skirt down or keeping your legs crossed.  Also, the fact that they are dark won't highlight problem areas you may be concerned about but conceal them a bit. My favourites are from J Brand and Burberry. The American Eagle ones are also great and fit like a glove for the price.

4. A White Shirt

white tops

White and black work just alike to me: they go with everything. A white shirt can be a button down oxford or a simple $5 shirt from Hanes and they will both look marvelous.

5. Nude shoes

nude shoes

Nude shoes are a total must have for anyone looking to become taller that may be an unlucky 5'2" on the short side. As long as they blend in with your skin colour, they won't cut you off at the ankles like most shoes will and extend your leg. Another feature you may want to look for on nude shoes is a black cap toe which will make your foot look smaller as well as making your legs look longer. Chanel have done these in a flat and heel for quite a while but they will set you back $600-$900.

                                                                                     -the brunette

In this Post: (from the top row l-r to the second row l-r)


Navy Blazers

Dark Wash Trousers

  • American Eagle Outfitters lightweight jeans
  • $45 -

White Shirts

  • H M cap sleeve blouse
  • $21 -

Nude shoes

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