Monday, October 29, 2012

Almost Famous Outfits: Penny Lane Inspired

Today I have a couple looks based on the character Penny Lane in Almost Famous. And of course if you haven't seen it, you must check it out. For those of you who haven't, this is what you need to know... The movie is set in 1973 (think 70's fashion: suede, fringe and fur comes to mind) and about a boy who wants to become a rock journalist. He meets Penny Lane (played by the beautiful Kate Hudson) and Penny Lane is basically the Kate Moss of the movie in which she can throw anything on and look very put together (of course with the help of her shearling coat (and on that note it was super hard to find a shearling coat like Kate Hudson's character so I included three of the closest finds)). On to the looks...

This blue dress is inspired by the one Penny Lane wears to the right. The dress she wears in the movie is a silky fabric and has slits along the sides. Although she rocks the dress, I would feel very uncomfortable with my thighs slightly exposed. My alternative is a DVF dress with the same sort of blue tone and the circular pattern makes it feel even more 70's to me. Throw this John Lewis shearling coat over and feel even more glamourous.

almost famous 2

This look is inspired by multiple pieces in the film: from crop tops to fringe to Penny's cossack hat. All these looks might seem ridiculous to pair together (bare midriff and fur hat?) but for some reason they work. Note: this is more of an editorial look with the crop top and fur and obviously you can remove or add pieces to make this more wearable.

almost famous 3 

I absolutely fell in love with Penny Lane's outfit in this scene. The airy white top... the mini skirt... the so 70's floral lace up boots. This outfit is easy to replicate with the exception of the boots although that could make an awesome DIY.

Again with the crop top! I would never be caught dead bare midriff (Seriously, I would NEVER be caught dead) unless on vacation but that doesn't stopteen girls from flashing their stomach's all the time. So to go along with those who like this recurring trend, voici une autre crop top! Again, add the shearling coat to look ultra fabulous yet put together.

almost famous 5

This last look is one I love as well. I don't know if its the denim on denim matchings but it works (at least for me). The jade rings and fringe are so 70's and who doesn't love Ray-Ban's? This look is super casual and attainable.
                                                                                                     -the brunette

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